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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Why I haven't posted here recently. - Stephen Martin 1924 to 2007.

Just before Easter, my dad, who has had emphysema for over 10 years, was put into hospice. On Monday, April 16th, I was called back to Virginia when he took a particularly bad spell. Left here about 3:15 CST and arrived in Covington about 10 a.m Tuesday. Too early to go over their apartment, I waited at a new coffeeshop in town that had wireless

Welcome to the

During the week, I simply spent time there and helped Mom as best as I could. Dad was eating very little, mostly soft, but you could see how hard he had to work to breathe. If nothing had happened by Saturday, I'd return home and come back May 10th as planned (son gets AAS on 11th). There was nothing more doctors could do for him. Anything would be prolonging and he did not want that. One day there, he did not want to be 'touched'. He let mom brush his hair but 'grumbled'. He would speak one or two words before becoming winded again.

In the evenings, I would just sit with them working on various craft projects I had brought with me.

Come Saturday, I headed back to Oklahoma and stayed the night halfway in Bowling Green KY. I had not been 15 minutes back on the road Sunday morning when my daughter called my cell and told me he was gone. I turned around and returned to Virginia for a few days.

That morning, quietly, peacefully and as painlessly as was possible, my father left this world for one where he can now breathe freely and be active like he once was.

Dad was 82 and if he had lived, he and mom would have been married 58 years in June. He loved his family and we are all the better for his having lived.

It's hard but it was much harder seeing him last week become something he never wanted to be a full invalid. Dad's free now and someday we will see him again.

I love you Dad.

I returned to Oklahoma, arriving here last Thursday around lunch time after managing to stop in Memphis for supper and spend time with Kelly. Thought I would make it all the way home that night but between being more tired then I thought, lightening, sporadic downpours -- I ended up getting a room after all (yea yea yea I know you told me so Kelly :D ROFL) Then woke up 3:30 am sick. and was up and down all night so changed 6:30 wake up call to 9:00 and got home around 12:30 Thursday.

Since then, I have hit the ground running once I got back home last Thursday and in that time,

At work I have
Completed, printed, collated, folded and mailed newsletter (with hubby help last Saturday, thank you Joe :))
Updated info in bulletins through end of May
Printed and folded last Sunday's bulletins
Printed this Sunday's bulletins

On the PR front, I have
swap done
ATC done
Secret Project done
Only about 4 rows left on two sets of molly sleeves. Then assemble and trim.
jewells68's business cards designed just need to print out :D
Advertising cards for the RP site I'm on 1/4 printed out will finish
Still have to plot out my Anne Rice sites on the blown up map of the quarter I made. Can do that while printing out stuff at work
And still have to make signs.
Everything that's ready is packed and stacked to be loaded in car.
Oh and that triangle shawl I started though that and sweater trim can be on the road projects.
Still need to do my piece of the Pontalbon project.

Plus stuff around here that has to be done yet.
Still doing laundry but last load now in dryer (Argh! and will still have to do some before last packing wednesday ^_-)
Trunk of car sorted out from this trip.
Redid obituary for New Jersey paper and waiting for Mom to check it over.
Still need to clean out cars and clean windows
Wash cars
Finish packing for 3 trips in one - graduation, nola, New Jersey for interment service.


I'll be returning to Virginia for my son's graduation May 10th until that Tuesday when I'll head to a conference in New Orleans and then on the 21st, back up to Virginia and travelling to NJ with Mom and my kids for the interment of Dad's cremains.

Will try to update as I can.