Saturday, April 17, 2010


So a couple of hours ago, my daughter Eileen called to tell me my son Jonathan had an accident. No, not with a car thankfully but serious enough to scare me and send me calling him.

He was on a trip to see about a youth minister's position that had been offered to him and in the course of visiting there was playing soccer. While, as goalie, saving the play and keeping the goal from scoring, he was hit in the head. Hard enough to remember nothing about it. Not remember actually completing the save. Not remember continuing to play. Not remembering he's supposed to preach tomorrow morning at his home church (which is now cancelled).

Fortunately, the people he was with, one of them is the director of the ER there and took him right in for an exam and catscan. I've spoken to both Jonathan and the doctor and am somewhat assured.

Also have been assured the memory confusion/loss will clear up and has somewhat already. He will be spending the night at the doctor's house as well so there is someone(s) watching over him for the next few hours.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Angels Have the Tardis

So this weekend I caught the perfect photo for Wordless Wednesday

Now for the action behind the capture. Always fun when you're a Doctor Who fan and your other half has never seen it *grins*

While making a left turn on a light at a busy intersection you spot the statue, whereupon you say to yourself OMG DON"T BLINK AND GOTTA GET A PHOTO.

as you're pulling in the church parking lot to go get the photo

J: where you going?
M: picture *pulls car from left lane she just turned into, across right lane into church lot*
J: huhwha?
M: backinaminute*grabs camera*
J: *stares through passenger side windshield at wife's departing back*
M: *takes shot, walks back to car grinning*
J: *says nothing just picks up conversation where it was pre-left turn*

Wordless Wednesday - Don't Blink