Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Memphis Layover

Several weeks ago, I made a trip to mum's to see my son play soccer for his Senior Night at college (*still wonders when she became the mum of a college senior*). On the way there, I had the chance to spend a couple of hours at 's where she made a wonderful dinner and joined us! Be jealous, very jealous as you view the picspam :D

100_3557 100_3556

100_3555 100_3554

100_3553 100_3552

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, November 23, 2009

SqueeMail PicSpam This Time

Over the past few weeks have received some wonderful squeemail. You've already seen the awesome Halloween Swap goodies from craftylilthing, but there's more :D

First off,
found out I couldn't get freezerpaper easily where I live and sent me an entire roll!! :D not only that but she sent me an awesome Starknuts button and chocolate frogs


Participated in a swap at HLBOE on Ravelry and my spoiler was Staarkatt!


Well, not only was she my spoiler in that but in Reducio #6 as well!!!!!!!!!!!


Another friend from Ravelry sent this just because


Also was in the Reducio #7 swap and received these goodies

100_3507 100_3508 100_3509

Back on HLBOE, received this most awesome RAOK from PandoraPhelps who I'm hoping I can meet up with one weekend soon as she's only 2 hours from me


Can't forget the Weasley Wizarding Wisecrack I received in HSKS 8 Summer camp

Not done yet!!!!!!!!!!!! Along with the swaps, I also had just plain surprise squeemail at random times:D

for my birthday

100_3377 100_3375 100_3379

and from

100_3405 100_3404
100_3407 100_3406

was kind enough to share some tartan scraps she brought back from Scotland and sent me this piece with lovely bookmarks as well. It's going to be a kilt for Lady Macbeth


Also from


Another Episode of Crafty Pic Spam

I really haven't gotten a lot of crochet or crafting done since my last post with having some projects to deal with at work and Joe's being sick but there is some :D

100_3521 100_3520


crochet_muggleitems_arthursrubberduckys_dragonsinger 100_3531

100_3538 100_3537

100_3550 100_3551


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