Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of those days....

Having given jenn a laugh today after it happened, figure you'll all enjoy this too.

I left work and had to do some stuff in Ft Smith (about a 50 mi drive from here) and since I didn't have lunch, Istopped in Pocola (about 3/4 the way) at a Tote-A-Poke convenience store for a drink and sandwich (you know the premade factory packed ones?). I go to the registers and there's about 4-5 guys in there making purchases or waiting to pay for gas and 3 women working the counter.

Waiting my turn, I sorta stand back to see whose in what line and when a guy leaves, the woman says "Next" and so I start to head there and one of the men waiting does too. We both stop and he says go ahead and I told him its fine since he was waiting first and as i do, I indicate with the hand holding the sandwich for him to go ahead.

At which point the sandwich flys out of my hand, hitting the guy in the crotch *headdesk*

I'm turning red and apologizing while all the other men, who apparently know him are going on about how that'll teach ya to cut her off in line
Add in that the women behind the counter also know him and are telling him You sooooo deserved that (apparently he's a practical joker) and one woman told me I'm her hero and she's sooo glad she was there to see this.


Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2002 - I married my best friend...

and we're still living our happily ever after......

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fabulous Catt..........

..........isn't the only fabulous one at Starknuts! So is one of the owners, Calypsobard (well they all are but that's a whole 'nother post :D ) who gifted some of us with a wonderful surprise!
A Fabulous Catt dishcloth, another with a coffee cup in shop colors, lovely Fabulous Catt earrings and a little tiny icon of Fabulous Catt.

It was.......

............simply fabulous *grins*

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Craft goodness and some bargain finds

Just finished my project for Class #5 - Ancient Runes. It had to be something monogrammed and while there was another choice, this is the one that I picked. Instead of monogramming it with the modern alphabet (or rune) I used the Ogham and chose the "muin" for mine. Besides phonectically sounding like our 'm', its also the ogham for my birthdate according to celtic astrology. So I made a bag for runestones with it.

Also got these crocheted this week too!

The Slytherin set will be owling its way to a certain home in New England and the other ones, well we'll just have to see where they end up! *smiles innocently*

Also, work had their spring yard sale today. I'm not sure if this is a benefit or disaster waiting to happen but I get to 'shop' if I spot anything during the week when they set up. This time I came home with these goodies

These crocheted Mile-a-Minute strips and I think there's enough here to complete an afghan at the least. I'll be sending these your way , for The Linus Connection

Also found myself assorted shoes - 9 pair and brand names! A pair of Birkenstock sandals, 3 pairs of Teva sandals... and a few others of the brand names I normally can't afford! 4 coffee mugs for a project I have in mind. A small teapot, a pottery containter that's small but nice and useful. Some books for hubby.

I also purchased this!

The model is a CSP1 and it was only used 6 times.

Definitely a productive week in many ways :D

Now to work on something for Muggle Studies class and to continue working on my OWL in Ancient Runes.. an afghan with hubby's name and the sigil for a woman' loving man on it

Yes, I'm graphing it myself

Monday, May 04, 2009

Crafty Spam with Photos

For the past couple of weeks or so, I've been working away on various crochet projects including these three Molly Sweaters. These were made for the auction winner at the OKC Yule Ball, , and , respectively . Have seven more of them in progress

Then, using 's pattern for the reversible hat I created this entry for the April/May challenge

Those colors look a little familiar? They should .............
After all Molly Weasley does need a warm hat to go with her sweater *grins

I've also been working on the HPKCHC classes which opened May 1st on Ravelry and the hat was submitted and accepted as a Charms assignment and for Defense against the Dark Arts, I just completed and submitted these cup cozys. :D

Currently working on a baby mandrake for herbology *grins*