Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More to be grateful for

Day 28 - Another wonderful day off with Sir Dragon Preacher as we headed out to church and then just spent the afternoon together relaxing and working on various projects we had.

Day 29 - A lovely thunderstorm that brought much needed rain and cooler temperatures

Day 30 - A productive day at work and the monthly newsletters being finished and mailed.... Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? :D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gratitude since my return:

Day 22: The job that I had to return to and the good zen so prevalent in the office

Day 23: Internet to keep me in touch with so many dear hearts that aren't as close as I wish we could be in miles.

Day 24: The gathering of ladies with a heart for the new prayer shawl ministry forming at work.

Day 25: Yarn and crochet hooks

Day 26: Finding bargains for things we actually needed!

Day 27: A wonderful day out with Sir Dragon Preacher in McAlester that included an early morning breakfast, a meeting, chinese buffet and my first ever 3D movie, Fright Night!

Oregon Day 10 and 11 - The Road Home

Having spent the night at Walmart's Tire and Automotive Center until they opened and the punctured tire could be repaired, I was on my way by 8 a.m. and also discovered that had I kept on going through the night I would have missed this gorgeous high desert scene as I headed for the Utah border


Yes, that is smoke at the far right coming from the top of one of the mountains.


I also would probably not have stopped at the rest area that was also a scenic point for Lake Bonneville. Yes I know you don't see any water here but that's because this area and the surrounding used to be the bottom of a massive prehistoric lake bed. It's a really odd feeling to be standing there after knowing it used to be completely submerged.






The ride was uneventful and beautiful as I continued through Utah and back into Wyoming where I again crossed the Continental Divide at two points this one, and another at Elevation: 7000 feet


As I approached the area around Laramie Wyoming on I-80, I spotted a beautiful rainbow



I was rather surprised as I continued on to realize it was actually a 'double' rainbow but was unable to get a photo of it. That was fine, it was an experience just to see it and take in the beauty of the colors and the scenery of the Rockies.

So I was even more surprised to find another rainbow further down the road, though from the curve, I suspect it was the other end of the same rainbow.



And even more thrilled to see again, the double arcs



There was so much I saw, so much I did and still so much I missed! I look forward to the next time I head west!

Thank you so much to , dorkboy and little man for an awesome time together and a really wonderful, restful, healing week.

I miss you all *hugs*

Days 20 and 21 of gratitude were for beauty, safe travels, wonderful friends and a wonderful Sir Dragon Preacher who was waiting for me when I got home!

The only thing that could have made this trip more perfect would have been if he could have had the time off to go with me!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oregon Day 9

Subtitle the Long and Winding Road? Or maybe the long and high speed? *grins*

Yes, I admit, that one of the best things about the trip was the 75 mph speed limit most of the way! Yeah, considering the detour to see the Bonneville Salt Flats, I'm sure you're not surprised.

And I admit, I did the "tourist thing" all the way out, as well as all the way back. Leaving lady_karelia's, there were tears... a very drama moment.... At least until I realized my overhead light was not going out and after trying to turn it off, saw the "passenger door ajar" light on my dash and had to ask lady_karelia to reshut the door, the idea being it saved me from getting back out.


Cause I started to pull out again and the "trunk ajar" light came on so there I am getting out to shut the trunk again. So much for a serious dramatic and sad good bye.

At least it kept me from sobbing as I made my way to the busy interstate and through Portland during the latter part of rush hour!

I had wanted to take a short side trip to Mt. Hood but the scenic byway did not prove as helpful as it showed on the map and, while I did get to see Mt Hood, never did find a good spot for photos.

Back on the interstate and I went on a way before stopping for Multnomah Falls. Amazing. Breathtaking. Beautiful.


291793_10150263096736302_703616301_8190450_5738134_n 298613_10150263097001302_703616301_8190451_831429_n 100_5538


From there, I continued on until I reached Bonneville Dam and stopped to visit.


Pulling up to the gate, the guard gives directions to the visitor center and then advises you that he must look in your trunk... Uhm yeah...


For those wondering, the cream canvas bag is clothes, the black bag is extra things for laptop, rest? Hey, one must be sure they have enough crochet/knit projects when traveling, right? :D

To get to the visitor center, you actually drove across the first power plant


Looking back at what I had just driven across


and the dam itself


Couldn't resist stopping a bit further down the road at a view area to take some pictures of the Columbia River Gorge and Cascade Mountains

100_5575 100_5577

And there is crossing the 45th Parallel, equal distance between pole and equator!


Once into Idaho, the plan was to continue on... Yeah that was the plan. Unfortunately, about 8:30 pm in Boise, I was pulled over by a sheriff who wanted to ask if I knew my right tear tire was flat *insert headdesking here*

Getting out, I walked around the back of the car to find:


The business end of a phillips screwdriver sticking out of my bumper. Apparently, it had come off of some truck and my tire caught it, punctured the tire then kicked up into my bumper. Fortunately, the officer had been behind me, saw the tire go down and alerted me right then.

Which leads me to Day 18's gratitude - Thankful not only for all the beauty I saw traveling but Ford Emergency Road Service! Spare donut on, I made my way to the nearest Walmart and spent the night till they opened at 7 a.m. and they could fix it and I was on my way again.

And that's where I spotted this!

Boise City-20110820-00235

Darth Tater Lives!

Oregon, Days 6, 7 and 8

Day 6 was very much laid back and relaxed with crochet, and just chilling out and finally watching Deathly Hallows Part 1 in preparation for a trip the next day to see Part 2. No, I had not seen it yet and after watching it on DVD, was glad I had not spent the time and money to see it in the cinema. Of all eight movies, I have to say this is my least liked and it even left me wondering if I wanted to see Part 2. [info]lady_karelia assured me that Part 2 was much better so the plan was to see it the next day.

Waking the next morning after a previous day of HP DH Part 1, curries, cheese, wine, friends, crochet and just wonderful relaxed time, I was now looking forward to a trip to an ops shop and the movie with lady_Karelia and Little Man (who really has grown and is not so little anymore), all of which proved to be marvelous and yes, Part 2 was wicked awesome and is tied with CoS as my favorite! We won't discuss the tears at various points throughout DH Part 2, suffice it to say it would have been quite profitable to have stock in a tissue manufacturer then! The day was started off with delicious pancakes and chocolate sauce courtesy of Little Man who created the sauce from scratch on his own. While it may sound repetitive, the evening ended with a delicious dinner (was this the nice we had that wonderful beef with roquefort sauce, [info]lady_karelia?) I've lost track as there were so many wonderful dishes. Palek Paneer, beef curries, chicken curries, chick pea curry all served with Naan. Wine, tea, coffee....

Eventually, Day 8 arrived and we returned to the first ops shop as well as a second at which I found a pair of very comfortable, practically new sandals for only $5! We also had an exercise session involving a very nice very well made very heavy sofa bench and a flight of stairs. I am thankful all of us were involved in carrying it and no one was videoing it! Lol

The week was a continuous run of good food, good times, relaxing and being with some very special friends that are absolutely amazing people and these days I was so grateful for being in their company!

Unfortunately, there always is a time for going home and Day 9 eventually came

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some fun

I am Blue/Green
I am Blue/Green
Take The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.

Oregon, Days 3, 4 and 5

I slept under a quilt with no a/c on and the balcony door open so air would come in through the screen. This was absolutely wonderful to do after weeks of 108-114 and above temps here at home. Not just this night but every night I was there. It was so cool I actually did pick up the crochet I brought along and began to crochet a shawl (which was finished a couple of days later.


It was rather laid back for Saturday with a trip out to some amazing stores to get some groceries for dinner (amazing Curry cooked by dorkboy) and to check out the local LYS.


From there it was to Trader Joe's - So wish we had one here!


It was a night of more crochet, curry, and good friends - and Saturday Night Drabble Chat! Oh and good wine!

Sunday was somewhat laid back as well with more crochet and curry and guess the music!


and a full moon!




we headed to the train to take a trip to PDX:

100_5483 294140_10150259800321302_703616301_8160349_1340822_n 100_5485 100_5484

Farmer's Market


Voodoo Donuts

100_5494 100_5496 100_5497 100_5499

301129_10150259867491302_703616301_8161145_1398511_n 100_5511

Powell Books (OMGSOMANYBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!)

and Frying Scotsman for Fish and Chips before heading back for a night of crochet, curry and time together!

Grateful for all of it or Days 13, 14 and 15

Road to Oregon Days 1 and 2 in photos

Leaving here late Thursday morning, August 11th, I took off and made my way out of Oklahoma into Kansas where I was excited to see wind farms. Having heard about them, it was nice to see one actually in existence in Westfall, KS


Turned out as I drove on through the day/night/day, I learned, there are many more in use around the country, in Colorado, Wyoming (lots in Wyoming), Utah, Idaho and Oregon itself (again, lots of them in those states.


I managed to stop and spend some time with saphira_ll in Denver and we had a wonderful time at IHOP before I got back on the road again. I had hoped to meet up with her on the way back, but events did not allow that to happen. I am grateful for having had a chance to meet and spend time with for dinner in Denver! and for her wonderful dragon gifts!!!


It was night when I first arrived in Wyoming and in the morning, discovered, Wyoming is... Uhm brown? Lots and lots of brown! But the views!!! Wow!



Next stop, Utah!



Where I got to see the Great Salt Lake



Which meant I was not that far from The Bonneville Salt Flats

The Metaphor Tree aka the only tree in the salt flats


and the Salt Flats themselves!



And if that looks strangely familiar to you, well then think PotC #3?


Nice part about being in Utah?

Notice that my a/c is not on even at 11 a.m.? That is soooooo nice after weeks of 108 to 114 temperatures back home! I was probably the only person standing in the middle of the salt flats desert going... "Gee, this is comfortable!" Lol


It was 3 a.m. (Pacific Time) when I did arrive at lady_karelia's but it was Soooo worth the drive, first to see her again and second, for the gorgeous scenery on the way!