Saturday, August 07, 2010

Plagiarism on DeviantArt


Posting this from R. S. Bohn's LJ to Boost the Signal

Please pass on and if you recognize any of the fictions this girl claims as hers comment and notify Deviant Art.

Plagiarism on DA

I don't have the flist I used to, so please, if you read this, pass this on to other SSHG authors:

This person, Imperfect Angel, is passing off the work of various well-known SSHG authors as her own on DA. This is her page:

I have already found six, by Kailin, OpalJade, and NotSoSaintly. I reported those deviations to DA, left a comment for Imperfect Angel on each one, and left a message on her profile page. Please, some of the fics I don't recall, so if you would read them and see if you recognize any, that would be great.

Fucking idiot plagiarizing teenagers.