Sunday, February 25, 2007

Love Token

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Various & Assorted

Last night, received my letter saying I was sorted into Pontalbon!  SQUEE  At the time, thought I had a skirt that would be good for uniform garb for me.  Now that I look at it not sure.

What do you think? Is this Pontalbon or more fitting for Zodico?

However did find a nice tie that can be used for Ravenclaw for hubby yesterday at a thrift shop

And finally took photo of my finished Molly #4 which needs to be packed up and mailed

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Let's have a squee for owl post!

Today was a complete Harry Potter Mail Day!!!

My HPCrafters Yahoo groups swap package came from my partner for the Try A New Crafts Swap today and it was some awesome items! Aline they are fantastic :D

Then The fantastic Shae made me the most wonderful Hufflepuff paper doll that I special ordered from her Psychonuttery livejournal. You all have to go see her other dolls! They are awesome! Hugs to you Shae and cannot wait to meet you in New Orleans..... Oh and no I still do not have a house assignment for PR yet *grumbles*

I am sooo going to be ordering more of these! Shae your work is awesome.

and these did not come in today's mail but Ofenjen is making the coolest buttons, both designed and special orders and you can order them through her Etsy Shop. Visit her for your button needs! *runs off to order a Marius one :D

Spent the weekend working on odd projects. Ofenjen and I have a bit of a secret project going for PR and to that end, my hubby was drafted to assist with some needs. So dear that he was, he managed to accomplish this for us.

Thank you honey :) Course while he worked on that, I worked on my project for the HPCrafters Yahoo groups Creature Swap that's coming up next.

Hopefully tomorrow the supplies I ordered will arrive and I can also begin working on my ATC Swap for the HP Crafters Rendevous ATC Swap. As well as begin working on my mask for the Masquerade Ball and also for the PR Swap that the HPCrafters Yahoo groups is doing.

OH and I also finished a size 3-5 Molly...erm at least I hope its a size 3-5!  Won't know till it gets mailed this weekend and arrives in Canada. Will post photos once my camera batteries recharge!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not Bad to be Blue!


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Friday, February 16, 2007


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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

And for this week past,....

Well, I finished a set of Ravenclaw Wrist Warmers that will be finding their way to their new home at Kelly's soon as I get an envelope :D

Now on the needles is a hat

And got the back and fronts of the latest Molly done...even downed it some sizes and hopefully it will fit the size 3-5 that will be receiving it and have gotten this far on the sleeves.

So it's been a productive week again :)

And my nice non fuzzy photos were taken with my new camera!  YES!

All In The Family -- HP Family that is :)

I'm a Weasley!

The HP Family Quiz
made by Sapphire.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sunday Self Portrait #5

I could say its 6 days late, but we'll just ignore last Sunday after the way I felt and say this one is a day early. And I give you the McGonagall Hat!

An Interesting Week!

Started out a nice Sunday out with Joe that ended up in me spending all of Sunday night up sick. After taking a sick day Monday to recover and sleep, things began to look up and kept doing so!

First, over the holidays, my laptop, Marius, tried to develop a caffeine habit which turned out to be almost fatal to it. But thanks to a wonderful tech guy in town that works from home, I was able to get Marius fixed at a whole lot less than I thought it would be! So Marius is back with me and running fine!

Also this week, the McGonagall hat I found on sale (half of what everone else was selling it for) and the Athena (Professor McGonagall's wand from the Whimsic Alley Phoenix Collection arrived and both were absolutely awesome! Great deals and well made.

With the money I had put away and did not have to spend on repairing Marius, I found really good deal on decent new digital so should cure my fuzzy photo ills and will be hear shortly again thanks to Ebay.
My Phoenix Rising Registration has transferred and confirmed and I've taken the sorting quiz and now impatiently
calmly wait for their reply (*runs off to check email yet again, returns*). Tried to keep myself occupied with coming up with a fractured Phoenix Rising version of the "Pina Colada (Escape) song"!
And I've completed yet another Molly Weasley sweater for another friend and it will be making its way to her Monday when I get to the post office. Think she'll like it?

And a book release date...but not sure how I feel. Looking forward to new book. So close to the movie release.... wish we could have savored each moment more.

Also made a trip to Goodwill in Fort Smith yesterday and found a nice longsleeve black turtleneck and long black skirt for McGonagall's 'dress' now to just get my sewing machine fixed so I can make her green robe!

And along with the Molly Sweater, kept busy this week working on a new craft for a swap I'm in and made a few other things as well as you can see! Good thing I know a couple of other Ravenclaws :)

Some bracelets and:

Some knitting stitch markers

And this afternoon, I even managed to get Marius hooked up and running with his new wireless card! Yes, definitely been a good week!