Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anne McCaffrey - Gone Between...

Thank you for introducing me to the first fantasy series to have a lasting hold on my life and opening the doors for other wonderful series as well. Dragonriders of Pern was my first fandom and still is one of the strongest for me.

Gone Between.....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fort Smith Air Show and The USAF Thunderbirds

Another edition of Crafty Picspam

So, reminded me that I was a bit over due for one of these again.  Guess I'd better post what I've been up to crafts-wise since my last one in mid September.

A 9" square for a comfortghan


More prayer shawls and prayer lapghans:


mc prayer shawl 21

mc prayer shawl 20

mc prayer shawl 19

mc prayer shawl 19

mc prayer shawl 15

mc prayer shawl 18

mc prayer shawl 14

mc prayer lapghan 3  13

mc prayer shawl 17

mc lapghan 4


mc prayer shawl 12



Once I get the December 2011 pattern from the group on rav, it will be 24 squares for an afghan for Sir Dragon Preacher. He selected the colors:

100_6073 100_6072 100_6071 100_6070 100_6069 100_6065 100_6060 100_6025 100_6024 100_6022 100_6021 100_6019 100_6018 100_6017 100_6015 100_6014 100_6013 100_6012 100_6011 100_6005 100_6004

A Hogwarts Grounds themed Reducio swap package that included Hagrid's Hut, Hagrid and a mini sock in house colors:

A matching Market Bag and Bottle Carrier for a friend here:

100_6020 dc's water sling

A Molly for trade. Which took me forever to find a box to fit but finally got one this week!!


6" squares for The Linus Connection:

100_6009 100_6008

An entry/contribution afghan for Linus Connection:

crossing time and space b

A "Queen Anne's Lace Scarf"

100_6007 100_6006

Some Bottle Carriers for the Fall Bazaar sale that's they hold at the church I work at



Friday, October 14, 2011


So I've spent most of this week sick, heading to work in the mornings and then pretty much coming home and sleeping till Sir Dragon Preacher would arrive home in the evenings. I'd stay up for a while the sleep more, rinse - repeat.

Doing a bit better today but this will definitely be an 'at home' weekend for us except for church Sunday.

Last weekend however, we made an overnight trip to OKC for what was supposed to have been a church outing to see the Passages exhibit there at the Museum of Art. We arrived there Friday afternoon and checked into our motel.

The exhibit was wonderful though no photos were allowed. However, after going through that exhibit, we visited all the other exhibits there since we were on our own. They had two 'visiting' exhibits. Another that did not allow photos taken but was rather wonderful entitled Faded Elegance:  Photos of Havana.  The work was striking and breathtaking.

There also was a whimsical exhibit called Poodles & Pastries that was interesting.  A few favorites below:

100_5963 100_5962 100_5960 100_5945

However, my most favorites of the day were in the permanent collection.



From there, we began a leisurely trip back home with a stop for lunch along the way. A very good weekend.