Monday, August 15, 2005

And the question is, What is Da Train!!!!!!! Da Train!!!!!!!!!!

A. A confused Tattoo running to tell Mr. Rourke the guests are coming.
B. The inland version of Fantasy Island called Fairytale Prairie
C. A Heavener employee explaining to their supervisor why they are late for work.

If you guessed "C", you are correct. Yes, that is the one guaranteed reason for being late that is never questioned in this town. The town is completely divided in half......west and east sides by railroad track. There are 3 crossings...2 are 2 blocks apart.....the third is about 4 blocks down and when you get a long train going slow (and they all do), there is no getting across.

Welcome to Heavener :\

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Angie said...

In SC we went through this. Eddie was late to work and late getting home, we were late for church and late getting home. We would go pick up supper from somewhere and eat it while waiting on the stupid train. I feel your pain.