Friday, September 30, 2005

The Hermit

For some reason, around this time of year, I tend to "hermit". Hide away, don't talk much. Communication becomes an effort. Motivation disappears.

I think that is kind of obvious since my last entry was over a month ago :)

But I have come to the conclusion lately that its ok not to have anything to say. Instead, I have been listening. At night, when its quiet here, I hear outside. The slight whisper of a breeze past the closed windows. The sharpness of a sudden thunderstorm. The sound of the rain hitting various objects.

Why? Right now I don't know. I just know its what has been happening.

Is anything wrong? Oh heck yea.....of course there is. Just the fact that we are alive means something will be wrong. Its life....Life is not perfect. Not a fairytale. Things are going to be wrong. But it doesn't mean life is not good either. Just means its going to take more work. Maybe that's why the quiet time. Resting before the work commences? I know I have learned that maybe we humans spend too much time talking and not enough time listening. I need to get back to active listening and that has also been apart of this past few weeks.

People have not understood where I am coming from right now. That's ok. Not sure if I do either. But I am beginning to realize that right now, I am not really in a bad place....just a different place.

Time for a new season?


~Cindy~ said...

totally understand that Mary...heck there are days I dont even like being with me, I just aint figured out how to umm solve that problem..LOL Just know if you need to get away, come on a great big king sized bed in the spare room now..

Angie said...

I didn't mean to remove my post LOL.. my computer did something nutso-crazy, mouse going dead and started speed clicking.

anyway.. I said that I love you and am glad to see you blogging again :D