Wednesday, December 13, 2006


About 80 miles from here is the nicest, most authentic UK Style pub ever -- "Kelt's" Since hubby had to work for Halloween/Samhain, we took off and spent the Sunday before at Kelt's for Brunch. Delicious food. Wonderful celtic harpist throughout the afternoon. It could not have been better

A tour

The pub outside

Lady Macbeth went with us, I think she's interested in the steak.........rare very rare hehe

And inside...cozy and wonderful

And music while we ate

And of course the Black and Tan


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thecrookedhook said...

what town is Kelts in? I lived in Tulsa for 9 years...
the White Lion (don't know if its still open) was a wonderful place just east of Yale(?) off Canton behind a sonic and a gas station and Bennigans...

Marisa Means