Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Productive Few Days

Got some thrift shopping done with some great finds. Jeans hubby needed, two nightgowns for NOLA in house unity colors no less!

and an interesting celtic looking wood plaque and a St Francis for my garden when I get one!

Friday I attempted to get my sewing machine fixed but was told the price would be way more than worth it. So guess I'll consider looking for another one instead. However I did manage to get some craft supplies I needed to finish projects and some yarn in a "lighter shade of pink than I used for Jenn's Molly" to make yet another Molly for quietish!

So will be starting on that in the upcoming weeks.

Spent the weekend crafting and as a result there is another version of "300" below!

In the meantime, started a shawl in fun yarn I found at Dollar Tree for the conference. and here's progress so far:

That's the first ball of yarn so far and the one to the side above is a full ball to give you some idea how far I seem to be getting out of one ball of it.

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