Monday, August 27, 2007

So He Sends ME To The Meeting.

One of the disadvantages of Joe being a "part-time" pastor is that he has to work a full-time secular job and cannot always get a day off for different meetings in the District and State. While he was able to take a vacation day last thursday for one in OKC, he could not get yesterday off for a charge reports training session but was allowed to send someone in his place. Ergo...... ME!

Took my crochet of course, left here at got to the meeting and upon returning home with my notes and handouts, the following conversation ensues:

Joe: Hey!
Me: Hi! Home! *hugs*
Joe: How was the meeting?
Me: Great!!! I got 3/4 of the body of a Molly sweater done at it
Joe: *facepalm*

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