Monday, December 17, 2007


Ok yes I have been absolutely totally slack on Christmas. The extent of my decorating is *points to icon*. But considering all our decorations are still in storage for the third holiday in a row, it's a bit hard to try decorating :(

the past few weeks have been a bit rough as it's first Thanksgiving, his birthday and holidays without my father. Turn on any Christmas music and I get weepy.

I have a beautiful card from my two favorite fiends alabastard and alabastardragon and it really really helped brighten a hard day for me by arriving on dad's birthday and reminding me I'm not alone. Thank you both... *hugs*

Over the weekend a very surprise package arrived from a certain crafty witch in Australia! Thanks so much hardhatcat. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Today, I have a squee mail from ofenjen and it's delicious. Picture? Yeah yeah, I know
freakyartychickhad enough self control to take a photo before delving in but then I'm not her :D LOL. But it looked just like hers too :D *hugs Jen* thanks and its delicious:

And zomg! the cutest Hufflepuff christmas card fromlezlishae That girl is amazing with duct tape!!! *hugs* hard.

I'm still trying to get cards done.. I've moved them closer to the desk -- which is an improvement over last year :D

Joe and I have been preparing for the holidays at the church and celebrating Advent in the meantime each Sunday. I have managed to be somewhat productive in obtaining or making ornaments for the congregation for each Sunday so far and attaching explanations or 'histories' with them. So far have done the Christmas Nail, the Candy Cane, the Star. Currently working on beaded crosses for this coming Sunday and we have little Nativity snow globes for the communion service this coming Wednesday night.

Have also been productive on another project for HPC. It's getting there Jen :)

Anything other Christmas shopping??? Not even started :(

Ah well, just taking it one day at a time.

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