Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'd Rather Be at Terminus Still ......

if hubby could join me there too :)  Finally home and glad to see Joe again.  But missing all my friends soooooo very very much. 

Of course, it seems I can't get home without some excitement in my life....

And that is what was left of my tire after it shredded/blew out at milemarker 14 on I-65 south in Kentucky Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at 12:30 a.m. :D  Fortunately was only going 55 due to construction and able to pull car to shoulder.  Called 911 asked for an emergency vehicle of some kind to provide more flashers besides my 4 ways till Geico could send a tow truck.  Wonderful woman who not only had all her flashers on but also helped explain to Geico the problem with towing out of this particualr construction section back to closest place as opposed to the Walmart at exit 2.  Turns out she's a HP fan and, Cowgirl, don't forget to send me your addy cause I am totally making you that Molly sweater I promised you that night.

Got tires on at Walmart (ended up getting 2 since if 1 went, I wasn't sure I wanted to trust the other one on the front as we got them the same time.

Terminus?  Wonderful, amazing, awesome!

Details and photos later once I get caught up

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