Wednesday, December 24, 2008

*dashes up the stairs*

Have been spending the last week and a half working and getting together several projects. A friend asked me to make a baby blanket for their grandson - Yellow border, Dark blue center and athe word NAVY in yellow in the center. The mom was in the Navy and the dad still is. Graphed out a project for my walking partner's grandson and up to 130 mini cauldrons for the OKC Yule Ball.

Joe and I have also been fighting colds and trying to avoid the 'he gave it to me/igave it to him/he gave.." merrygoround. So for so good but it did halt the walking for a bit and with the cold temps and the holidays, Maria and I put are taking a few weeks off till after New Years. Going to see what the temps do after the holidays to figure when we can start back up again.

Managed to actually get some cards mailed out this year, first year I have in a few.

AND, for the first time since we moved here, Joe has enough days off that we can actually do something for the holidays and so when I get off work today, we're heading to Bucyrus Ohio to visit his mom and siblings (4 out fo 5, #5 lives in Lubbock, TX) for Christmas. While I've been able to go back and see my mom (and dad before he died) since we've moved to Oklahoma, Joe hasn't been able to and hasn't seen his mom since our wedding 6 1/2 years ago. So off we go. 14.5 hour drive should arrive early morning tomorrow. Plans are for everyone to gather at one of his brothers for Christmas dinner.

Managed to find some small gifts for his siblings and their spouses to take with us and last night finished an afghan for his mother (did I mention I didn't hink of doing it till after we decided for sure we were going this Saturday???) Since mom doesn't even have a computer, I'll probably be offline till we get back sometime Sunday unless I can pick up wireless somewhere. So....

From Joe and I, we wish you the most wonderful Christmas/Yule and until then, perhaps I should light the tree so you can enjoy that while I'm gone???


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