Monday, July 06, 2009

Long Distance Information, Give Me Memphis, Tennessee

I haz Memphis Tennessee

After a 5 hour drive that was nice, good weather and uneventful.

And a great time at [info - personal]lady_karelia 's tonight. We've had the most wonderful Indian dinner courtesy of her husband who is a fabulous cook! Pappadums, rice, vegetable curry, paneer (indian cheese) curry, chicken curry. Add some wine. Some wonderful friends like [info - personal]calypsobard and socially_awkwrd as well as[info]blue_paris and frineds who are totally great of [info - personal]lady_karelia 's family and it's been a perfect evening.

I'm learning how to make feta cheese which is not as difficult as I thought it could be.

Listening to Gotan Project playing currently and working on some crochet as we finish the evening with butterbeers.

Can't ask for a better vacation.

Tomorrow proves to be just as good

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