Monday, September 28, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Day 3

... was Sunday and we again slept till we woke which turned out to be about 9 a.m.ish. A light breakfast in the room and we dressed and packed and loaded up the car to head home. On the way, as we were getting near the exit off I-40 for Sallisaw, we thought about seeing some things there we wanted to see.

The first stop was the 14 Flags Museum in downtown Sallisaw. Open every day and free, it's a sort of 'unmanned museum' set up in old log cabins, the first of which had been a judge's house. Stepping in the front doors to a small area, you could view the rooms set up from behind a plexiglass divider and see what life for the settlers here was like.






From there, we drove a few miles to the sight of Sequoyah's 1829 Cabin, the Cherokee Chief. Located on his original lands, it is now a historic site kept up by the Park Service. To prevent erosion of the cabin, it is now housed within a stone building with other exhibits including a typewriter who's keys are the cherokee alphabet.





and so ends our Labor Day weekend mini trip :D

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