Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Weekend

Had a very sudden and unexpected but very happy trip come up this past weekend as we learned one of my best friends' son was competing in a nationwide clay shooting competition in Arkansas, only about five hours from us.  He competed Saturday and Sunday and I only found this out on Friday morning.  Managed to get a very good motel room rate and when I got off work, we ran the errands we had to do and took off.  It was a beautiful drive there and home the next evening as well.  The competition was good and it was great to see Heather and Noah.  He did quite well, too.  At age 15 and having been competitive shooting for less than two years, he placed 14th out of 212 entrants of all ages.  The squad he shot with included the current Arkansas state champ, 2 US Open winners.  The overall winner of the shoot was a three time world champion.  I'd say he did brilliantly at placing 14th!


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