Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Swiped from Lacey in utter boredom :D

10:: Names You Go By
1. Mary
2. Mom (my kids)
3. Babes (only Joe)
4. DragonSinger
5. Babes (only Joe)
6. Rowan
7. Mrs. C (when substitute teaching)
8. Rev. C (professionally)
9. Gramma Mary (grandkids)
10. my actual given name (ONLY my parents, all else under threat of death)

9:: Things You Cant Live Without
1. The love of my life!
2. My children
3. My friends
4. Music
5. my computer
6. my books
7. crafts
8. Teas
9. Ren Faires

8:: Of Your Favorite Foods
1. lasagna
2. Teas
4. Strawberries!!!!!!!!!!
5. ice cream (strawberry flavor)
6. Asian food
7. cannoli
8. coconut

7:: Of Your Favorite Memories From The Past Year
1. Glomps!
2. Learning about the important things in life w/Lacey - 24, FOB, P!ATD,
3. Weekends with Joe
4. Marauders
5. Living in several timezones at once
6. Harry & the Potters with Rosemary
7. HBP release

6:: People You Admire
1. My Grandmother
2. Heather
3. My children
4. J.R.R.Tolkien
5. Rosemary
6. JK Rowling

5:: Of Your Favorite Inside Jokes
1. Spiked pantyhose and horney mustard sauce!
2. Planting flowers!
3. I still say turn them into turkeys!
4. Just remember you are still an eagle even if you're surrounded by roosters!
5. Tag! You're it!

4:: Things You Just Cant Do
1. Tell people what I really think about them
2. Not react first.
3. Learn to like it here in this town
4. Let go of things easy

3:: Songs You Have Stuck In Your Head
1. Some Days It's a Bitch
2. In Your Eyes
3. If This Is Love (Could it be cause I've heard it 48 times on the radio in the past week or so? LOL)

2:: Of Your Favorite Mottos
1. Because you can
2. Live in the moment

1:: Your Reason To Live
1. Life itself

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Rosemary said...

Aw, *gush.*

You know, I have a Grandma Mary, too. And then I have another Grandma who wont ever tell what her given name is. *snaps fingers* Makes me crazy LOL

August 8th, Harry and the Potters, Norman Pub. Library. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!