Thursday, January 11, 2007

To Quote the Yarn Harlot - Freaking Muggles!

It seems that a bank underestimates the quantity of knitters there are in this country ...... in this world. Some very creative ladies at Blue Moon Fiber Arts came up with a package for a sock club. This was not a new idea just for this year but had been something they sold previous years.

This bank took it upon themselves to decide that this could not be a real moneymaking business venture but a scam and you can read the gorey details in the blog of a famed Canadian knitter and published author.

It amazes me that the bank could think that there are so few knitters out there that would want to buy yarn and even have it come with the pattern as well. Obviously that's why there are no yarn stores around this nation.^_- I have to wonder, as did the blogger's sister, would this have happened to a male owned business?

Support Blue Moon Fiber Arts if at all possible. Knitter or crocheter? Order yarn, pattern, books. Not a crafter? Surely someone you love is and they will be having a birthday won't they? And spouse and significant others, if your partner knits or crochets, you know all too well how much they love yarn....contribute to their stash.

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