Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pic spam, news spam, all kinda spam!

Ok so its been awhile since I've really sat down and updated. I've popped in news when I could or when it really had to be said but I'm so behind in other topics I decided now was as good a time to work on updating as ever.

This would have occured sooner but as I was finally dealing with the loss of our friends' son last month, the ugly drama llama tried to move in and live here as the result of a comment I made. Unfortunately, it resulted in my unfriending someone and if you're reading this, well then its' not you :). Disagreements are one thing but when someone dares try to get to me by going after my friends, ...... Well, I'm Hufflepuff, nuff said! The end result is this lj is now friends only. But its done, its over and the drama llama is in search of other housing.

We did have a quiet but lovely Valentine's Day with dinner at Leoncia's in Fort Smith which has become a very favorite place of ours. They make us feel like family when there. We had planned on ringing in 2009 there but both of us were fighting winter colds and just remained home and comfy. Joe gave me a huge Valentine Trevor (frog/toad) and his gift was a book he had been wanting on Cherokee history, legends and myths.

Christmas was a all too quick trip to Ohio to spend with Joe's mom and 4 of his 5 siblings (#5 lives in Lubbock). First time he's been able to visit them since our honeymoon in 2002 and first Christmas with them in about 20 years. It was great, fun, good food (Mom C makes an awesome fruitcake and I've now got her recipe) good times, all too short!
Us, in front of David & Jackie's tree Mom C, Joe, his brother David & Jackie

Christmas A.M. at Mom C's Opening her gift from us

The gift - I started this the weekend before when we knew we were going for sure

Oh and now that I finally was able to mail 99% (Cat, yours are here just waiting till a payday with extra for postage) of the Christmas gifts out, I can show you what my darling hubby has spent the past year working on for gifts this past Christmas for my fellow Crafty Witches and friends.

had posted this back before the holidays and I took photos but never got them uploaded till this week. Sooooooo here's my favorite mug(s) (can't decided on just one) and a bonus of fav glasses too!

I have 2 favorite mugs for coffee or tea. The firstone has the moon and stars, something I feel a very close connection with. The second my vampire mug *grins*. I alternate between the two of them at home.

For hot chocolate or a mug of soup/broth, I love these two tigger mugs both gifts from my husband.

And for the bonus round, my favorite drink glass also having the moon and stars on which was a wonderful thrift shop find as were the first two mugs. Oh and , I'm sure you recognize my lovely coaster *grins again*

And there was Christmas squeemail arriving here to be had!

made me a Hufflepuff Crafty Witch shirt (the Crafty Witch Leaky Cauldron is on the reverse side) Sugar Quill ornaments she made and dragon stickers!

knows how to make Christmas merry with a Bella Swan hat original pattern she created after seeing the movie a couple few lost count of times, yarn for my stash, beautiful hp House snowflakes and so many other goodies including a hand crafted twilight ornament in a black velvet bag!

From the kitchen of mmmm

All the way from the Land Down Under, hardhatcat sent TimTams, ornaments, Aussie treats and my favorite liquorice bullets and allsorts!

Ok I think I'm finally up to date! Whew!

Then again, no I'm not caught up! But it will be posted later *grins*

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