Saturday, March 28, 2009


Oh Merlin!  Did it again...  let life roll by and failed to update anything here again.  Hmmm  Guess I'd better remedy that today. 

It's been a bit of a time to organize myself a bit.  Cleaning out areas at home, at work, on line.  Organizing crafts, getting yarn stash out of storage (*stares at 9 large rubbermaid tubs and insists she does not have a yarn problem*)  On Facebook, deleted some applications that I just don't enjoy though I did keep Pieces of Flair and a few others :D.  Same with a few other places I'm on.

Mostly, just trying to catch up with my own life and take some time for me.  Which I've managed to do a bit of.  Crocheting still.  Working on several Molly Sweaters including ones for  ,  , the winner of one at the OKC Mistletoe Masquerade Ball,  ,  , and a few others.  Also working on a Team Jacob tote for  ,  the winner of the last challenge at  

Finished an afghan for my friend's grandson aka my mini-me *grins*

Also made lid handle holders for the potholder swap   conducted


Met up with quietish in Tulsa a couple of weekends ago and spent time with her hobbits as she went to a concert.  Had fun with the pair and was good to catch up with her and meet Kassey.   As you can see, someone manages to make themself at home whereever he is :D lol

Yesterday, had been planning to see Taken in Ft Smith with hubby after doing some shopping we needed to do but the car decided it had other ideas as both front tires went bad while we were out forcing a purchase of 2 new tires at one of the Walmart's there.  Today, we're just relaxing at home having a HP movie marathon on a cold rainy Saturday though at least today we don't have the Tornado Sirens blaring for an hour like we did last night.   Work for me is getting busy as the most busiest week on the Liturgical Calender begins in one week.  Joe's work is cutting hours which means cutting paychecks short but its still better than no job at all.

Well, back to crochet!

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