Saturday, May 09, 2009

Craft goodness and some bargain finds

Just finished my project for Class #5 - Ancient Runes. It had to be something monogrammed and while there was another choice, this is the one that I picked. Instead of monogramming it with the modern alphabet (or rune) I used the Ogham and chose the "muin" for mine. Besides phonectically sounding like our 'm', its also the ogham for my birthdate according to celtic astrology. So I made a bag for runestones with it.

Also got these crocheted this week too!

The Slytherin set will be owling its way to a certain home in New England and the other ones, well we'll just have to see where they end up! *smiles innocently*

Also, work had their spring yard sale today. I'm not sure if this is a benefit or disaster waiting to happen but I get to 'shop' if I spot anything during the week when they set up. This time I came home with these goodies

These crocheted Mile-a-Minute strips and I think there's enough here to complete an afghan at the least. I'll be sending these your way , for The Linus Connection

Also found myself assorted shoes - 9 pair and brand names! A pair of Birkenstock sandals, 3 pairs of Teva sandals... and a few others of the brand names I normally can't afford! 4 coffee mugs for a project I have in mind. A small teapot, a pottery containter that's small but nice and useful. Some books for hubby.

I also purchased this!

The model is a CSP1 and it was only used 6 times.

Definitely a productive week in many ways :D

Now to work on something for Muggle Studies class and to continue working on my OWL in Ancient Runes.. an afghan with hubby's name and the sigil for a woman' loving man on it

Yes, I'm graphing it myself

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