Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finally Saturday!

Some weeks you wonder just how you got through it. This has been one of them

Joe and Pneumonia: Never expected it was that. Flu maybe but fortunately, as the doctor said, we caught it early and the antibiotics are working. He's still coughing a lot and has pulled a muscle from doing so much of it but he's definitely improved some since Tuesday.

Work: Sometimes, deadlines collide. That has been the case this week and with a bit of help Thursday and Friday mornings from two wonderful ladies in the congregation, I managed to get published,copied, collated, folded and addressed and mailed:
  • 225 monthly newletters
  • 115 stewardship campaign packets
  • 20 meeting reminder cards
as well as completing regular duties of:
  • copying, folding, collating 60 bulletins
  • folding 14 more
  • prepping sanctuary for service Sunday
  • checks and bookkeeping
  • and other sundry duties as required
Taz: Those of you who follow (should be all of you LOL) know I usually drive our black 2002 Grand Prix SE lovingly named Taz. You also recall Taz has been rather ornery on some occasions with repairs. Recently, it seems the transmission is having trouble and considering this was already rebuilt once, we did some looking around and found Merlin.

Merlin is a 2007 Mercury Milan dealer leftover. With only 75 miiles on him, he'll come with 34 months of a bumper to bumper warranty so that if anything happens I can take him to any Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealer for service. 5 speed manual, a/c, heater, cd/am/fm and I believe he also has the plug in for mp3 (they made 2 versions and pretty sure this one has the connection). Tardis Blue with Beige interior. We trade in in a couple of hours. Photos will follow

Excited but a bit bummed as not having had any car payments for 10 years now, that part is so gonna take some getting used to.

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