Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Angels Have the Tardis

So this weekend I caught the perfect photo for Wordless Wednesday

Now for the action behind the capture. Always fun when you're a Doctor Who fan and your other half has never seen it *grins*

While making a left turn on a light at a busy intersection you spot the statue, whereupon you say to yourself OMG DON"T BLINK AND GOTTA GET A PHOTO.

as you're pulling in the church parking lot to go get the photo

J: where you going?
M: picture *pulls car from left lane she just turned into, across right lane into church lot*
J: huhwha?
M: backinaminute*grabs camera*
J: *stares through passenger side windshield at wife's departing back*
M: *takes shot, walks back to car grinning*
J: *says nothing just picks up conversation where it was pre-left turn*

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