Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warning to fanfic authors!

Boosting the signal and thanks to Juniperus and Juno_magic for the alert.

The small but lively fanfic archive has been snagged up by someone outside of fandom who thinks he can make money with that website.

If you have stories posted there, you may want to consider removing them.

And if you know someone who may have posted there, please let them know about those developments so they can decide if they want to remove their stories ...

And he seems to have bought up a Twilight site, too: -- So if you know someone who posts there and who may not be aware of the situation, please alert them to the fact that someone may well be trying to use that site and their fanfic to make money ...

Please pass this on if you're in LotR fandom or have friends there.

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