Sunday, June 19, 2011

Been awhile!

Been awhile

Life has been hectic and yet slow.

Hectic at work. Change in boss as old boss asked for and got transfer and new boss assigned.

Had been completing going away gift for her:


Sir Dragon Preacher has new pastoral position as well once again. Small UMC church about 36 miles from here. Still keeping fulltime secular job at chicken plant (small church so cannot pay full time salary) but that's okay. The fact he has a church once again has made such a difference and though its more work, doesn't seem so.

Slow has come from the weather.... temps have been over 100 for past 3 or 4 weeks now. I find myself rather listless during daytime hours when it's hot.

Weather had also resulted in a tornado coming through. We came out fine but good friends of ours about 6 miles from us have had tree come down on porch of their house and house moved off foundations about 3 inches which is enough to make it not safe and because the house is 100 yrs old, not repairable.

I have been talked into taking part in the SSHG Exchange on LiveJournal. My piece for it has been completed and submitted :D

Planning to finally take this year's vacation time to travel to Oregon. Though plan trip has been moved from July to August due to some scheduling conflicts.

A very happy five year anniversary to my favorite fiends! You know who you are :)

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