Wednesday, July 27, 2005

People !

Its amazing how many people refuse to look at things and make a decision for themselves anymore. Because so and so said it, it HAS to be true. Because it was on the internet.......because I got it in an email.........that's proof its true.

Gee and how many of these people study and come to knowledge of things on their own rather than be spoonfed someone else's opinion.

Better yet..........How many of these same people actually STUDY their bible??????

No, I don't mean sit down and read a few chapters and close it for the day.

No I don't mean pick up a daily devotional book, read the entry for that day and close it.

I mean pick up your Bible and STUDY what they are reading? Looking up meanings, checking translations, actually letting God's Holy Spirit teach and lead them rather than some "man". Man's wisdom is folly in God's eyes.

Refusing to study for oneself and then judging others who do is just plain hypocritical.

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Angie said...

:( maybe people should look up and study the word friend too. :(