Sunday, April 09, 2006

Where in the past do you belong?

YOU BELONG IN MEDIEVAL TIMES! 476 AD- 1500's ADOr Middle Ages, also called the Dark Ages. This was the period of time after the fall of the Roman empire. When the barbarians sacked Rome and then chopped up Western Europe into many small kingdoms. Most people during this time were poor and illiterate. During this time the Feudal system was established and it helped the people discover their loyalties. The church was the main civilizing force and made the people during this time very religious. Most cathedrals were built during this time. Your analysis, you're probably very spiritual with high values and good morals! Go you! That's cool. You're maybe a bit shy and like alone time with yourself. You have a timeless sort of old world beauty that people are drawn to. Medieval is my favorite! Go you!
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