Thursday, April 13, 2006

Which house?

You have been Sorted into Hufflepuff.

Helga Hufflepuff based her house on the principles the other three founders did not care to notice as reputable qualities - motivation, loyalty, determination, selflessness and pride. Often known as the 'lost house' or the 'lonely house', many people think of Hufflepuff as the house they would choose last, mainly because it doesn't have as many distinguishing features as the other houses. Before Helga's death, this was mentioned to her, and she replied that "it doesn't matter to me, because those people won't be the ones who get into the house, will they?"

Helga Hufflepuff herself lived a more quiet life than her fellow founders - she didn't make any amazing discoveries or fight in any war. However, she has been rumoured to have had the ability to talk to animals - many a time people would spy her in her garden, apparently chatting with the birds or her pet badger.

Hufflepuffs, despite not having many obvious traits, are the people who make the world go by - they are the ones who touch the lives of others, sometimes without even meaning to, and the ones who are loved the best.

Now report to to be placed in your house.
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Rosemary said...

It sorted me to Slytherin.