Saturday, January 19, 2008

C`rafty What I Did on My...

...Summer Vacation Winter Non-Motivation bout with depression time. While I've been alternating between battling being sick and battling various firsts (Thanksgiving in November, Dad's birthday December 10, Christmas and New Years) I really haven't posted much of myself. Well, finally uploaded two months worth of photos from my cameras and can share a bit of what I have managed to accomplish and been doing with myself a bit.

Did manage to finish three more Mollys (numbers 11, 12 and 13 for those keeping count) One was for a crafty witches project which I forgot to take a photo of before mailing to
josee_madalia and the other two were for a swap on HPCrafters.

Along with that, Joe and I decided to do Christmas ornaments for our congregation for each Sunday in Advent (four) with something attached to each one explaining the meaning. One was simple gold stars that sparkled that we found at Walmart in packs of 16 (A star shone in the East). Others were the Christmas Nail with poem -- simple concrete nails with a red ribbon tied for a hanger. Also found beaded ornament kits - candy cane and crosses.

Along with this, for Christmas Eve, we found snowglobes with the nativity in them for each family. Small church which made it rather doable.

Christmas was nice here as the congregation decorates for the season and it was really nice and 'homey' feeling when we went.

Especially with all of my decorations still in storage. Maybe this year I'll be able to move and decorate again :)

I'll do a squee mail catch up post later and also one about our weekend adventures last week later!

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