Sunday, January 20, 2008

Last Saturday...

...involved a drive to Arkansas, discount shopping, a winery, a pub........

One of the first Saturday's Joe had off in a while that he actually felt like doing something or we did not have to accomplish things around the house, we decided to go out for the day. Part of it was in search of engraving bits for Joe's dremel for a project he wants to work on. For that we tried a discount place in Alma, Arkansas - A to Z. It's several buildings one of which is devoted to 'tools'. Though as we wandered the aisles, we found other bargains as well. Including a dragon necklace knife that is now in my collection. From there we drove another 30 miles or so to Altus, planning on a late lunch at the pub there. First we stopped and took a quick tour of Wiederkehr Winery.

Information Center Entrance to Cellars

The Tasting Room Cellars

From there a drive to Kelt's, our favorite place in this area... Irish pub for late lunch, early dinner and some crochet for me, reading for Joe.

Started a secret surprise here for two friends of mine

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