Sunday, May 25, 2008

Six Years Today!

Along with celebrating Memorial Day weekend, we also are celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary today! Sometimes, it seems like its not been that long and other times... Well, I can't remember how it was without him :)

However, we did our celebration yesterday by taking in a movie double header. Both of us have been wanting to see two different movies since we first heard about both of them over a year ago. So we went to both!! Then dinner at Ryan's Buffet after.

Joe grew up reading the Iron Man comics. I grew up watching one of the first animes here in the U.S. Speed Racer (Yes I have spent my travels back from NJ collecting the McDonald's toys and currently am only missing the red and black car of the japanese driver :D!!)

Both were truly awesome and both followed the originals rather well and quite closely! Can't wait for sequels!!

*toddles off to listen to her Speed Racer Soundtrack for the nth hundredth time today :D

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