Friday, May 30, 2008

My rental car is a stupid shiny silver........

.........Kia Sportage..... HAH made ya look :D

I was supposed to get a standard sized car but all they had was a PT cruiser. They offered my choice of

Ford Focus (can we say sardine can on wheels)
Chevy Consort (GM sardine can on wheels)

Neither an option when hubby is 6' 1"

Dodge Dakota pickup (yeaaaaaaaaaaah I don't do trucks ^_-)

PT cruiser (not even )

And the sportage. *sigh* too used to the grand prixs we have to like it) But better than the other choices

Dropped the car off at the body shop and Enterprise was supposed to pick me up at 3 (we set appointment yesterday) to take me to their location in Ft Smith (45 miles, yes that's the closest one). I was to call when I was on way to body shop for sure. I did only to be told "Well we have another pickup set for 3:30" ^_- Yep, had to wait. Then driver doesn't get there till 3:45. But finally got to pick up rental and hope they don't have to total the black grand prix (other one is green)

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