Saturday, May 03, 2008

So lately....

Craftwise been working on Molly sweater sleeves and progressing along there. Going to take them with me to work on at mom's next weekend and during our trip to NJ. Also completed a headpiece for to fit a Luna Lovegood type outfit. Just needs ribbon. Hope you like it!

Had to take the car in for oil change at Walmart today before leaving this coming Friday for Virginia/NJ trip. As she's taking info, asks if we want the fuel injector process that cleans out the fuel injector ports for better gas mileage and smoother running. Most definitely as we were just going to fill with hi-test and 4 bottles of injector cleaner because the car was not running right and they needed cleaning. The four bottles were $12 not counting the extra cost of hi-test as opposed to regular and their process was only $19.95 so went with it. Did some shopping we had to do and about an hour later checked back and the mechanic tells us that the oil change has been done and "they were starting the other now." Another 30 min should be done. Off to have a coffee while waiting and then back and a bit after we returned, they pull our car out and bring in the keys.

No paperwork so the hunt begins to find out what's up. Mechanic signed off on oil change but not other process. Support Manager takes off to find out that they never did the second part yet and brings our car back in, apologizes and he and the store manager tell us they aren't charging for the second process because of mix up. Glad to have been treated fairly, we wait for them to do it and about 20-30 min later, support manager is calling us out to bay.

Seems they did the flushing, cleaned it all out and refilled the radiator with fresh antifreeze. Start the car and the car blows out all the fluid in radiator. *major headdesk moment* However, Support Mgr is quick to tell me that if not simply a loose hose, they will send it to be fixed at place of our choosing, pay for it AND pay for a rental but they are going to search now and see why it happened. In the end turned out to be minor... our car comes with an overheat valve on radiator down at the back bottom. Engine gets hot during flushing and apparently it forced it out the overheat valve. They filled it fresh and everything is running fine.

Since I'm taking the trip tho, Support Mgr gives me paper with all their store info including his name, his service manager's name and the auto dept's manager's name and should I have any trouble with overheating or related problems to what they did, I should go to any Walmart automotive center and have them contact any one of them to arrange repair, billing it to their store and a rental for me till its done while traveling. While it ended up being a 3 hour adventure I have to admit they did their best to work it all out for us.

And I've received some awesome squeemail over the past week or two!

From , a wolf charm and from a twilight crafts button :D

Also from Ofenjen, for supporting the "Merlin Ate an Acorn" Fund some awesome quilt squares that I am planning on framing:

From ... the dvd for pc of Sims 2 :D I've got a music CD mix to send her but have a few more things I want to add to the envelope before mailing!

And from Mousie & Jules in Melbourne (yes Australia!), the most wonderful large envelope of goodies! 2 John Marsden books, 2 cd's of Aussie bands, 2 ecobags from the Safeway Mousie works for and 2 HP OOTP Eco bags she found at Kmart there! And a little white stuffed bunny that had a note saying his name was Lenard

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