Monday, June 09, 2008

Crochet Updates - Mollys and Block A Month!

[info]scowling_hermitas soon as we get paid :)

Well, llast time I posted my progress was this:

As of this morning, the Mollys stand at:

Oh and three completed ones!

The first one has already been delivered to and the other two will be mailed to Ariel and Scowling Hermit.

Also, I'd been wanting to participate in the 2008 Block A Month CAL on Ravelry when invited me back in January only I kept getting distracted by other things and real life. Well, this weekend, I finally got started and caught up as well. I decided to do mine in black and two shades of red (yeah yeah, I know big surprise LOL), so here's my first 6 blocks for the CAL.

January February March

April May June

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