Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend in Arkansas

Well, it's been a rather sore but fun weekend.

The sore came in Friday morning as I was walking about about to begin 3rd lap and decided to channel my "Inner Bella Swan" . Tripped and went down, skinning palm of hand, jamming same arm back into shoulder. Skinning knee which has also formed a rather bright bruise.

Got home and did shower and get to work. Spent rest of day nursing knee and packing for weekend. Had to skip walking yesterday.

Left Saturday at noonish for Glenwood, AR where friends of ours - Cindy and David Loven - pastor a church and were celebrating the church's 15th anniversary. We went to attend and help out. Service Saturday night at 6 with reception after and then this morning with potluck after. Last night, just as church began, heavy rain and thunder. Not long into service, Cindy discovered that water was coming into the kitchen area. So her and I and on of the youth were finding any and all available cloths to sop it up. At one point it was at last one inch deep in on area. The church in on a hill side and apparently, the water runs down the side of the hill if the rain is heavy enough which fortunately has only been twice so far this year.

We go back into the sanctuary, sitting in a back pew and their bishop who is visiting for th celebration is preaching and says that when it was time to open the church people came not just to attend but to work as well be it teaching, nursery or "even picking up mops and buckets." We couldn't help it and had to laugh as quietly as we could manage back there. :D

More photos of the celebration Saturday night here and Sunday here.

Now just kicking back relaxing with some crochet for a bit

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