Sunday, June 01, 2008

Reason #59 Why.....

...I'm Glad I Was An Only Child -- Children's Sermons.

Joe preached at the church I work for today and had to do children's sermon as well. His scriptures were Noah's ark and psalm 46 and his theme was even though God is with us thru everything - even the storms, being a christian still means we have hard work to do. He sits down with the children on the steps at the altar and asks them... "Any of you have animals to take care of?"

They nod and answer with yes
Joe: "Hard work isn't it?"
Again they nod and there are definite oh yes answers again.
Joe: "How many do you have?"
One little girl: "We have some cats and a dog."
One brother and sister "We have 8 dogs"
Joe: "That's alot of work isn't it?"

and goes on with his topic after they agree. As he makes his point that we still have work to do and it will be hard, the sister pipes up with "Does that mean I still have to clean my room?" After being told yes, and laughter, her brother adds "Mom and dad get mad cause she always leaves her clothes on the floor and the puppies go in and poop on them."

From the look she gave him, something tells me we might want to pray for his healing

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