Friday, August 26, 2011

Oregon, Days 6, 7 and 8

Day 6 was very much laid back and relaxed with crochet, and just chilling out and finally watching Deathly Hallows Part 1 in preparation for a trip the next day to see Part 2. No, I had not seen it yet and after watching it on DVD, was glad I had not spent the time and money to see it in the cinema. Of all eight movies, I have to say this is my least liked and it even left me wondering if I wanted to see Part 2. [info]lady_karelia assured me that Part 2 was much better so the plan was to see it the next day.

Waking the next morning after a previous day of HP DH Part 1, curries, cheese, wine, friends, crochet and just wonderful relaxed time, I was now looking forward to a trip to an ops shop and the movie with lady_Karelia and Little Man (who really has grown and is not so little anymore), all of which proved to be marvelous and yes, Part 2 was wicked awesome and is tied with CoS as my favorite! We won't discuss the tears at various points throughout DH Part 2, suffice it to say it would have been quite profitable to have stock in a tissue manufacturer then! The day was started off with delicious pancakes and chocolate sauce courtesy of Little Man who created the sauce from scratch on his own. While it may sound repetitive, the evening ended with a delicious dinner (was this the nice we had that wonderful beef with roquefort sauce, [info]lady_karelia?) I've lost track as there were so many wonderful dishes. Palek Paneer, beef curries, chicken curries, chick pea curry all served with Naan. Wine, tea, coffee....

Eventually, Day 8 arrived and we returned to the first ops shop as well as a second at which I found a pair of very comfortable, practically new sandals for only $5! We also had an exercise session involving a very nice very well made very heavy sofa bench and a flight of stairs. I am thankful all of us were involved in carrying it and no one was videoing it! Lol

The week was a continuous run of good food, good times, relaxing and being with some very special friends that are absolutely amazing people and these days I was so grateful for being in their company!

Unfortunately, there always is a time for going home and Day 9 eventually came

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