Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oregon Day 10 and 11 - The Road Home

Having spent the night at Walmart's Tire and Automotive Center until they opened and the punctured tire could be repaired, I was on my way by 8 a.m. and also discovered that had I kept on going through the night I would have missed this gorgeous high desert scene as I headed for the Utah border


Yes, that is smoke at the far right coming from the top of one of the mountains.


I also would probably not have stopped at the rest area that was also a scenic point for Lake Bonneville. Yes I know you don't see any water here but that's because this area and the surrounding used to be the bottom of a massive prehistoric lake bed. It's a really odd feeling to be standing there after knowing it used to be completely submerged.






The ride was uneventful and beautiful as I continued through Utah and back into Wyoming where I again crossed the Continental Divide at two points this one, and another at Elevation: 7000 feet


As I approached the area around Laramie Wyoming on I-80, I spotted a beautiful rainbow



I was rather surprised as I continued on to realize it was actually a 'double' rainbow but was unable to get a photo of it. That was fine, it was an experience just to see it and take in the beauty of the colors and the scenery of the Rockies.

So I was even more surprised to find another rainbow further down the road, though from the curve, I suspect it was the other end of the same rainbow.



And even more thrilled to see again, the double arcs



There was so much I saw, so much I did and still so much I missed! I look forward to the next time I head west!

Thank you so much to , dorkboy and little man for an awesome time together and a really wonderful, restful, healing week.

I miss you all *hugs*

Days 20 and 21 of gratitude were for beauty, safe travels, wonderful friends and a wonderful Sir Dragon Preacher who was waiting for me when I got home!

The only thing that could have made this trip more perfect would have been if he could have had the time off to go with me!

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