Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road to Oregon Days 1 and 2 in photos

Leaving here late Thursday morning, August 11th, I took off and made my way out of Oklahoma into Kansas where I was excited to see wind farms. Having heard about them, it was nice to see one actually in existence in Westfall, KS


Turned out as I drove on through the day/night/day, I learned, there are many more in use around the country, in Colorado, Wyoming (lots in Wyoming), Utah, Idaho and Oregon itself (again, lots of them in those states.


I managed to stop and spend some time with saphira_ll in Denver and we had a wonderful time at IHOP before I got back on the road again. I had hoped to meet up with her on the way back, but events did not allow that to happen. I am grateful for having had a chance to meet and spend time with for dinner in Denver! and for her wonderful dragon gifts!!!


It was night when I first arrived in Wyoming and in the morning, discovered, Wyoming is... Uhm brown? Lots and lots of brown! But the views!!! Wow!



Next stop, Utah!



Where I got to see the Great Salt Lake



Which meant I was not that far from The Bonneville Salt Flats

The Metaphor Tree aka the only tree in the salt flats


and the Salt Flats themselves!



And if that looks strangely familiar to you, well then think PotC #3?


Nice part about being in Utah?

Notice that my a/c is not on even at 11 a.m.? That is soooooo nice after weeks of 108 to 114 temperatures back home! I was probably the only person standing in the middle of the salt flats desert going... "Gee, this is comfortable!" Lol


It was 3 a.m. (Pacific Time) when I did arrive at lady_karelia's but it was Soooo worth the drive, first to see her again and second, for the gorgeous scenery on the way!

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