Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crafty Update - Picspam once again

Ok, so the last time I updated you on my Molly Sweater progress was here. Since then, alot of those parts have now become these which have now found homes with , , , Lizzie, Melissa, Cnprpl and Shawna at Leaky Cauldron as well as ,

However, my craFting these past months did not stop there. I made the atc's and owls below for some swaps at Terminus, the tshirts for the DRAGONs team (Leaky Con 09 Informal Programming Team) to wear at Terminus as well as a crown for our Queen Dragon :), gifts for friends and fiends that I looked forward to spending time with while there (and did :D ).

Made myself a shawl to wear to the ball at Terminus and then made shawls for and her mom,

There was a wedding at Terminus and I wanted to make a small something for the couple... this afghan

And along with an apron above, made this for a Twilight swap with Cat

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