Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The latest....

I have spent the past few afternoons listening to this........

It seems the city needs to replace its very old waterlines with pvc lines and they've reached the area around our house. So its a big cat with jackhammer going, small cat moving debris and digging and just loads of noise.

I've been distracting myself today working on a 'sekkrit project' for someone with a special event coming up. Started it at the doctor's office last week waiting on the doctor to come in after the nurse took out the stitches

And right now its here: But I'm stll working on it tonight.

Did get another Molly done and delivered to Chrissie just in time for the Wrock cruise she's going on. Have a great time Chrissie!

Right now, the sky ahs darkened and the wind picked up a bit earlier with the temperatures dropping a bit but none of the rain they said we might get today. But still nice weather to snuggle up with some crochet.

Okay, just to make a liar out of me, I no sooner typed the period for the preceding sentence when the rain started. :D

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