Thursday, October 09, 2008

I can haz broth nao??

Ok, so yeah haven't been around since posting I was on way to ER. That's cause they have me something for pain which only half worked, sent me home and in three hours, I was back at ER and being admitted to the hospital in Poteau.

The ultrasound has shown the walls of my gall bladder thickened and would have to come out... so in I went to be put on IV and pain meds till they could get a time in ER...

Which turned out to be Tuesday morning and when he operated, removed it turns out it was also infected (which did not show up in bloodwork), inflamed and had some large stones which never showed up on ultrasound.

Came home yesterday afternoon and feels good to be back. Slowly working on catching up flist, emails and such.

Missed you all so much

Unfortunate, with no health insurance, we'll be paying this off for a good while :(

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